Roche Diagnostics

How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers
Shannon Goodwin
Strayer University
Foundation of Human Resources Management
HRM 500
Dr. Grace Endres
June 11, 2012

In the last 50 years globalization has played a key role in the unprecedented increase of prosperity.   In economic terms, globalization deals with the growing economic integration of the world, as trade, investment and money increasingly cross international borders.   Organizations are entering the international market at a more rapid pace than ever.   With this entrance into the international marketplace, organizations are finding there are many challenges that affect human resource management activities. One of most important is the need to recruit, train and retain competent global leaders.   Hence, this paper will provide the author’s opinion concerning who is responsible for producing global leaders.   It will examine the difficulties that may arise in the absence of global leaders.   It will discuss public policy changes that can influence companies to become global leaders, as well as outline how small companies can address global leadership development.   Lastly, it will provide the author’s recommended opinion on how public policy can influence the development of global leaders in her community.  

How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers

1.   Discuss who is responsible for producing global managers.

Who is responsible for producing global leaders, is a question that cannot be answered without first understanding what or who global leaders are.   The term, “Global leaders” refers to persons who operate a global business.   Global leaders have outstanding communication skills and possess sensitivity to cross-cultures.   Global leaders are familiar with the management philosophy and concepts of the company; and are well capable of articulating this philosophy.   Strongly committed to the company and filled with passion, global leaders motivate the people who surround them....