Robert Gray

English Essay

Robert Gray's values in writing are nature, his other values are humanism and the beauty of the Australian landscape. The context in which he writes is about humanism, and how he disagrees with what the human race are doing to the Earth, Zen-Buddhism with how he believes how there is nothing supernatural out there, and how he is very spiritual. The poems that have been chosen to discuss are late ferry, flames and dangling wire and

Although, this is not the only poem again which talks of a change in the view of work, the poem Flames and Dangling Wires also shows to an extent the indirect view of people working at a dump. The poem uses the imagery of Hell as a comparison to this dump. Though towards the end of the poem, the speaker details the workers of the dump. Where he states "how could he avoid a hatred of men?" The speaker begins to look towards the workers of the dump, considering why they would work in such an area, surrounded by the "scavengers". Again Gray details another side of work. A new facet for the reader to consider. This question of why, allows the reader to look at the everyday experience of working, and analyse it, and even look at their own life differently, and think themselves lucky that they are not forced to work "as in Hell the Devils might pick about our souls".
area, the issue of change is raised as he himself, does not know the town any more, after the change. Gray uses the travels of this person, who has no identity except for that of a hitchhiker, to show how some people travel.
Secondly, Gray changes the prospective on the everyday experience of work for the reader. This is done by the shocking images and feelings shown in the poem Meatworks. This poem uses the experience of a worker, from his first day, to the repetition of life, which he goes through. Firstly, Gray uses vivid imagery to set the scene of the "meatworks". A place in which the slaughtering of animals is done. And Gray introduces the main...