Robert Frost

The three texts I have chosen relate to Robert Frosts poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ include: Sally Morgan’s autobiographical text My Place, James Mangold’s film ‘Girl interrupted’, and Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography Scar Tissue. These texts have all outlined the features in the process of an inner journey which are essential for reaching a destination, and have all conveyed such a process in unique ways.
      My Place is Sally Morgan’s journey to understanding both herself and her place in the world. It depicts her mother Gladys, her grandmother Daisy and her own emotional and ‘spiritual pilgrimage’ to uncover their aboriginal identities.
    Sally’s reluctance to ‘leave the past buried’, as well as her personal characteristics of determination and rebelliousness, and her dynamic decision to not ‘stay silent’ are qualities which become essential in reaching her destination of self discovery and a sense of belonging. Her earlier sense of being ‘different’ was further demonstrated to her, with her discovery that she was aboriginal. This catalyst left her ‘feeling that a vital part of (her) was missing’ and prompted her to set about digging up the past to uncover her and her family’s identity, however, this quest was to be fraught with obstacles.
    Gladys and Daisy’s reluctance to admit their aboriginality was understandably an act of protection, considering the pain and racial torment they had both suffered in the past. Daisy explains the problems she had and other aborigines endured through her use of animal imagery, commenting that they ‘were owned back than, like a cow or a horse”, ‘treated like an animal’.   Through this imagery, we are given insight into the harsh and degrading effect to this experience which is a mental obstacle for Daisy, preventing her from reaching her destination.   It is only through Sally’s determination and perseverance that Daisy is able to feel ‘a sense of value as a human being’, and eventually open up to tell her story. For...