Road Less Traveled

Change is a good thing when you travel the road that is worn and faded by previous footprints of people unknown to you. Signs of their experience are easily accessible by those who traveled before you by what was left behind. When walking down the road less traveled, change often results in lifestyle rearrangements that were not anticipated before the initial choice was made. These choices which were made by people that you may or may not know have been set into motion and the outcome brings changes in your lifestyle which may or may not result in changes in your attitude because of the choices that were made for you. These changes affect our lives and the lives that we touch in our home, among friends, and possibly unexpected changes in your career.

      When I was a teen there were certain rules of conduct that very few if any crossed, especially if you were a girl. Marriage was considered sacred and the vows were irreversible. Having sexual relationships outside of marriage was a taboo. Children born out of wedlock, was labeled and the mother of this child was considered an outcast. Sometime between 1963 and 1969 a new wind began to blow in the opposite direction causing something different to take place. Change was inevitable, it was the air.

      Being a witness to this era was to become a part of that change. With the assignation of President Kennedy, the draft in the war of Viet Nam began. This all began new and different changes within the minds of teenagers and college students. Protestor’s against the war started their personal fight. This began a rippling effect of hippies, yippies, and flower children. Each group offered their own rendition of how life should be lived. The hippies proclaimed peace, love and unity. The yippies were more radical; they voiced their thoughts by their actions. The flower children, well, they were too high on drugs   too say much of anything but to hand out single stem flowers to those they came in contact with....