Dear Sir/Madam,

As you can see from my enclosed resume, I have been with Citigroup for the past 4 years as a relationship manager in the commercial and financial institutions group, where I have acquired the tools and tactics to successfully manage a diverse customer portfolio, with an in-depth knowledge of banking procedures and policies and continue to update my knowledge of the field by classes and workshops.

Working with Citigroup at both the Corporate and Institutional level has allowed me to gain knowledge on the credit and business side, helping me to better understand the dynamics of decision making. Providing support for credit officers and other team members as well as liaison with product marketers, client managers, and relevant units such as market risk, operations, legal and treasury has enriched my banking and finance knowledge. Ability to write concise, conclusion lead, and well-articulated Financial Institution credit analysis using the CAMELS analysis and other statistical software’s (such as DRM) has developed my understanding of various challenges relating to industry risk, transaction risk, and an awareness of country risk factors, reputation risk, and operational risk, whilst focusing on   key risks and mitigates. My most recent assignment of compiling the ICR (Industry Credit review) report exposed me to the issues facing banks post recession, where I had to conduct rigorous stress testing on my portfolio and to extensively analyze our client’s financials with a view to reduce exposure.

I come from an advanced academic and analytical background, having completed my MBA at the Leeds University Business School and simultaneously finished an executive program in corporate finance and strategy at the London School of Economics. I have extensive experience working at Citibank in risk and corporate relationship management, speak three foreign languages and have acquired skills in financial analysis, relationship management and leadership. As...