Risk Management Assessment Summary

Risk Management Assessment Summary
Within every type of health organization, whether it be in a hospital, nursing facility, drug manufacturer, emergency medical services, or a simple doctor office an office manager must have a plan on how he or she will decrease and evaluate risks to staff, patients, and organizational resources, this is best known as a risk management. A risk management must be in place In order for facilities to lower the rates of accidents, injuries and financial losses within their organization.   Within every health organization a type of risk management is always in place, and one of many health organizations that are very important to have a risk management in place is that of a nursing home.
A nursing home is for elderly people and even for young people that have mental or physical disabilities that need nursing care constantly. These patients do not need to be in a hospital but most likely need the help of a nurse more than twenty-four hours a day. Many patients that are placed in a nursing facility may easily get injured or even possibly forget what they are doing it is very important that risk management is strictly in place to prevent accidents, injuries, and even financial losses within the organization.
According to the Magnolia Management Services, INC there are six important factors that the nursing facility should have for the organization itself and the employees. These six factors are:
• Incident tracking, trending and OSHA logs- by keeping these logs it will know all management problems and incidents that have occurred throughout the nursing facility and will automatically be kept in records so that everything is being help in compliance within the OSHA regulations.
• Certificate of insurance services- by keeping this type of information it will allow management to know exactly when insurance companies and patient’s need to be notified that their policies are either going to end or expire.
• Custom online training- this...