Rising Affluence Has Been Associated with a Reduction in the Production of Waste Emissions Within the Uk. However, the Waste Emissions Associated with the Total Consumption in the Uk Have Risen. Explain How Both These

1. Introduction – general statement related to rising affluence in the society and waste production in the UK.
2. Contribution of rising affluence to the reduction of production of waste emissions on UK.
a) value of the rubbish
b) reduce, reuse and recycle policy.
3. Rising affluence and it's contribution towards a rise in emissions in the light of the total consumption.
a) consumer demand,
b) lifestyle change,
c) other countries in connection with UK production.
4. Short summary of both statements.
5. Issue of unsustainability in the light of both statements.
a) production, consumption, population,
b) Ecological Debt Day,
c) Zero Waste Policy.
6. Conclusion

As the technology develops with the centuries, consumer demands are growing. New inventions and improved products are flooding the market, giving people easier access to more gadgets and new brands, many of which are not actually required, but due to advertising and peer group pressure they are desired;   therefore, the actual need for having it, is because it's trendy and more sophisticated. This becomes possible, because of rising affluence in the society. The charts “Real disposable household income per head, 1971-2006, UK” (Brown, p.111) and “Real average earnings, 1990-2007, UK” (Brown, p.112), show how the prosperity improved over the years in UK. Another table: “UK household expenditure in 1957 and 2006” (Brown, p.110) compares how the grow of the income has changed consumer expenditure, how differently we spend the money and how many “extra” items do we tend to buy today.

Increased wealth and spending, creates a base for an extensive waste production. The amount of the waste produced in recent years, became a serious issue after people realized that an excessive waste emissions caused a serious damage to the environment.   Under that awareness, people look with a different eye at rubbish. It makes society think about the real value of waste. Many items are being recycled and re-used....