Rhetorical and Literary Analysis

Caveman Easy
Geico insurance started the advertisement “so easy a caveman can do it” (see pic. below) in the early part of the 2000’s. The clever design was invited by Joe Lawson of the Martin Agency an advertisement agency located in Richmond Virginia. The advertisement uses modern day setting with a man dressed in caveman attire. The man has a look on in face as of surprise, and he uses sign language to communicate. One will notice a modern computer is in the advertisement. The computer is sitting on a stone table. The bluish gray colored background leads you to think that the caveman is in a stone cave. In big white words at the top of the advertisement are the words “So easy a caveman can do it.” The unregistered trade mark symbol it placed at the end of the statement.

Joe Lawson creator of the “caveman was born in Tennessee in the sixties attended a private college in North Carolina called Wake Forest University. Wake University a private college is where His family is located in Richmond Virginia he is married and has a daughter. Lawson majored in economics and worked for a pharmaceutical company before joining the Martin agency. Lawson was employed by Martin agency in 1998. There he created the ad “So easy a caveman can do it.” The ad also inspired him to produce the commercials for Gieco. Joe help co producer and write the short lived sitcom “Caveman.” Joe has worked on successful advertisements for NASCAR, vanilla coke, ping golf clubs, and UPS. Joe continues to work for Martin agency.
“The so easy a caveman can do it” ad tries to convince the public it is easy to purchase insurance from the web. They try to say you don’t need experience in computers to purchase insurance. The ad uses pathos by implying if a caveman can do this so can you. It appeals to the public by using a simple message, not a lot of prices, quotes or pressure to sale the insurance. It has been turned into a widely know commercial where caveman have been offended.   The ad uses...