Restarting the Inquisition

One of the biggest plagues that has come to this earth is the difference of religion.   Many other religions have it out for one another, and have had brutal wars just because of it. Some religions only want peace and prosperity, but those other religions spread their sin and evil just to prevent it. I, _____________, have come up with a brilliant (and so far only) solution to this devastating dilemma: Restart the Inquisition.
The Inquisition was started by the Holy Catholic Church for its quest to squash heresy and to stop the showing of it, so as the common folk aren’t swayed from the path of light and good by sin. The Inquisition today would be very similar, but different in the fact that the whole world will be purged instead only of the places under the influence of the church. Now, you must be asking yourself, “If I were a Baptist, would I be crusaded too?” no need to fear, people who follow religions closely linked to the church would be counted as part of the catholic church.
First, we will make alliances with the kinder, less deadly religions, promising them a place in this new world. Once they join us, we would start off with the most violent of the religions, raising an army in the name of the lord to exhort them into turning away from their false god, and bring their true savior into their lives. They probably won’t do this, so we will begin a crusade to interrogate each of them until only the good hearted remain. They will, of course, join us in our battle against evil, as we move on to the less dangerous religions. This will continue for as long as it takes until all heretics realize their fault and repent. Finally, we would live in a world that is not segregated by religion, and at last, rest in peace.
As good of an idea as the above states, I am appalled at the idea of religions killing other religions to gain power. I understand that if your religion says to kill someone, you had best do it, or god will smite you down or the like, but that...