Responding to Accidents and Emergancys

Responding to incidents and emergencies

24 hours of torrential rain floods a small town with water being up to 2 meters deep in some building, the local nursery with 20 children aged 0-4 years is potentially at risk because it’s still raining.

The manager of the nursery, the health and safety representative, the nursery nurses, the workers and lastly the children will all be involved in this incident.
The manager of the nursery should assess the situation; they should do this by seeing how much the nursery is at risk of flooding and what damage could potentially be caused. The manager should also check the register to make sure all the children are present, parents should be informed of the situation and it should be explained that due to current weather conditions the nursery may be closed later on in the day.
The health and safety representative should also assess the risks which could, this includes:
  * The safety of the children
  * The safety of the staff  

They should also monitor the water levels and communicate with the emergency services. Lastly they are also responsible for making sure everyone is safe.

The nursery staff should be responsible for doing the registers to make sure all the children are present, they should constantly keep reassuring the children to make sure they all stay calm.

The children’s safety should come first as it’s the staff’s responsibility that nobody gets hurt/ injured.

The most important emergency services that will be needed if its necessary are:

  * Fire service
  * Mountain rescue
  * Ambulance
  * RAF
  * Ambulance

The emergency services will all work closely together to make sure the nursery is safe and if this isn’t the case, the nursery will be forced to close.