Research Process

Research Process (G4)
Sarah Martin, Elizabeth Spruill, Vickie Furman, Melissa Laporte, Samantha Kaser
RES 341
September 1, 2010
Stephen Loro

Research Process (G4)
Thunder Cats Chocolates manufactures and sells chocolate.   The manufacturing industry demands consistency.   In the business of manufacturing chocolate, consistency and standardization is key, especially in packaging.   Deviations in measuring may lead to loss of product and profit.   Thunder Cats Chocolates packages 500 gram (one pound) chocolate bars and sells them at $2 per bar.   They want to modify their packaging and sells to include a variety of weights that will increase their current sales as well as increase profits.   Thunder Cats Chocolates plans to have their research department research and come up with different weights that could be sold to increase profits.
Research Problem:
The research problem facing Thunder Cats Chocolates is that they only offer one size of chocolate bars although other companies offer a variety of sizes.
Research Question:
What variety weights of chocolate bars can Thunder Cats Chocolates package and sell to increase profits and not affect clientele?
Data Collection:
The company researchers gathered data on grams of chocolate purchased per bar.   The researchers then used Z-scores to determine what weights should be packaged and sold.   The average mean used was 500 grams with a standard deviation of 50 grams.   Below is the table of grams packaged by what percentage of customers.

Grams Packaged | | % of customers |
From | To | | |
346 | 425 | | 6.58%   7% |
426 | 500 | | 43.06%   43% |
501 | 575 | | 42.52%   43% |
346< | >575 | | 7.84%   7% |

Based on the Z-score test results, Thunder Cats Chocolates Researchers are recommending that they manufacture and sell according to the scale below.   They further recommend management to monitor over the next six months to see if there is any raise in sales and...