Request for Permission


Current employees are in need of training on all aspects of the Microsoft Office® programs and how to use them in the work place.

With bringing in outside trainers to train our staff we can alleviate current staff members of their extra duties of training current staff members. With the use of outside trainers current trainers can focus on other needs while the outside trainers can focus on the Microsoft Office® programs.

Outside trainers will have the benefit of being knowledgeable in Microsoft Office® programs and will have more success in training the employees in the company.


        This is a proposal to hire outside trainers for Microsoft Office® programs to the XYZ Corporation.   Current staff is in need of learning how to operate Microsoft Office® programs. Our current trainers do not have the resources to train staff on how to operate Microsoft Office® programs and this is a request to pursue the use of outside trainers.

        The current staff is having a hard time using Microsoft Office® programs. Many calls are made to the I.T. Help desk and productivity has been down because of it.

      With the current staff starting to use Microsoft Office throughout workplace now is the time to start training them on how to use Microsoft Office.

      We will need 2-3 outside trainers to train current staff on the use of Microsoft Office.

      This will be a 6 to 12 month training period with classes of 10-15 people until current staff has completed the training.

      Trainers will have a training room with 10-15 computers in each room with Microsoft Office installed on each computer.

      Trainers will be equipped with a laptop and a projector to teach employees.

      Our goal is to have this project implemented by 8/19/2010

      Trainers will need to submit applications to Human Resources by email at and by mail at

      Human Resources

      XYZ Corporation...