Represresenting the Past

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|Representing the Past                                                                                                         |
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Page Introduction
Pages How does “The Young Victoria” represent the past?
Page Conclusion
Page Bibliography and References
There are many ways in which we can research and learn about past historical events and lives: museums, journals, books, the internet, television and film but how do these actually represent the past?   Do they explain how things actually were or are they just other people’s points of view and personal opinions?   How do they represent the past and does it actually matter if we know exactly how things were or do we just want to have an idea?
The aim of this assignment is to produce a written report on a topic relating to representing the past in some way.   The decision has been made to research and discuss a film which was made and released in 2009.   With the help of its researchers and actors/actresses, this film helps us to understand the past during the reign of Queen Victoria.   The...