The Eucharist report

An overview of the direction taken and the contents.
To carry out the necessary task to complete this unit ‘The Eucharist’, I read through the list of requirements needed to compile the information. I noted that the report is to be 2000 words long and that there were eight points to cover. I realised roughly that 250-300 words per topic would be needed. Some would need more words than others, I gathered books with information and read about the Eucharist and its origins. Then I constructed what I was going to write about, The contents contained:-

History of the Eucharist
Components of the mass
What we believe about the Eucharist
The purpose of receiving communion
What do we learn about the Eucharist from the Catechism?
How youth are responding to this in our world

So therefore I worked out a plan to work through the points I have been given. I Found out the history of the Eucharist, how it developed into the mass and what it means to me and the community.

History of the Eucharist

The Eucharist has been dated back thousands of years ago, throughout history, Christians have gathered to celebrate the ‘son of God’, Jesus among them in the Eucharist. The origin of the Christian Eucharist is found in the Jewish celebration of the Passover. This liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt was a huge a event that would be celebrated from that day to the present.“ To celebrate this event they ate unleavened bread “The Eucharist was foreshadowed in the Old Covenant above all in the annual Passover meal” 276). Jesus instituted it (‘The Eucharist’) “ when he celebrated the Last Supper with his apostles, in a Passover meal” 276).

Jesus broke the bread and gave it to his apostles saying “ Take and eat“. “This is my body” Matt 26-26). Then   took the cup and gave thanks to God “drink it all of you “This is my blood” this seals Gods covenant.
Changes over the centuries
The celebration changed over...