Differences and Similarities between Judaism and Christianity.
        Christianity according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is defined as a religion based on the person and teaching of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Christianity is also known as a religious system based on religious truths stemming from a belief that Jesus is the expected Messiah through him all the prophesies that were written in the bible about the life and future of   the Israelites have been fulfilled. Judaism is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as a monotheistic religion of the Jews. In this paper I will seek to bring out the major differences and similarities between Judaism and Christianity.
    Kaufmann Cohler states that Christianity is faith based and it’s founded on the belief of Hebrew Scriptures as the true word of God where the Old Testament scriptures receive their true meaning from the New Testament (192). Christianity focuses on the new covenant which was mediated through Jesus Christ, where salvation is individual and is claimed through repentance and receiving of Jesus Christ as the lord and Savior through faith.
    Rabbi Modecai Kaplan defines Judaism as an evolving religious civilization. It’s founded on the collective and individual relationship with God through prayers, Jewish traditions, ethics and rituals. Judaism rejects the notion of God in human form unlike Christianity which teaches on the triune nature of God where we have God the father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Son represents the humanly nature of Jesus he was both man and God. Judaism originates from the covenant that God made with Abraham, God promised Abraham to make his lineage great and to give them a holy land. Christianity on the other hand originates from Jesus Christ where the first disciples from Antioch were given the name Christians due to their lifestyle which meant to be Christ like.
    Christianity and Judaism both base their faith in the...