It is tough to determine whether or not religion makes the world a better place. Religion is what is said to be the cause of people doing many good and many terrible things. Does religion cause good people to do bad things? Or is religion just used as an excuse to do something bad? Religions have been one of the large factors throughout history causing suffering of humans. People would be killed because they did not carry the same beliefs as others.
Many people say that when they do something, good or bad, that religion caused them to do it. Without religion then there is a chance the 9/11 attacks, Israeli/Palestinian wars and the persecution of the Jews might not have happened. Without saying that if religion wasn’t in this world would grant world peace, but there is no evidence stating that a person that doesn’t believe in heaven or hell would be less likely to rob a bank, rape a man or woman or even kill a person.
In this world each and every person has rights and those rights are supposed to be the same as every other person on the planet. So the fact that some religious associations would not offer the same services to same sex couples as what they would a straight couple. People who disagree argue that being in a same-sex relationship is going against God’s will. The fact that there are certain parts of the world were gay marriage takes away the rights of humans.
Religion does motivate people to do good things in this world but even with those good things being done they are outweighed by the bad things religion has been blamed for. Religion didn’t create the computer that this is read on or the television that people watch their favourite shows on, it has created representatives claiming that global warning shouldn’t affect us because God told Moses he wouldn’t flood us again. So no religion does not make the world a better place, because there will always be past mistakes that has been caused by religion that the world will not move on from.