Reflective Paper

Self-Reflective Paper
Joy McClendon
Limestone College
Organizational Theory & Behavior
Keith Keppley
February 09, 2014
Self-Reflective Paper
This paper will reflect my performance from taking certain test from the open learn-brain stretcher testing site.

Based on the scores of the memory test I think that scored good on all aspects of the test. The test is broken into section: Words, Observation, Objects, and Visual and Auditory.
Word section was very funny because I was trying to just look at the word and memorize the word from memory instead of finding a pattern or something in common with each word that would have help me memorize it and score better on the test.
Observation section showed me that I observe words very well and I am able to group the words in smaller and similar category to help me remember what I say in the list. My long term memory is terrible because I had just looked at the words but forgot that quickly. I had to take the test more than one time. That is not good at all.
Object section requires you to see pictures of different objects in a 2 minute time frame. The test requires you to remember and name the objects that you had just seen. I scored very well with this test. I was able to list all but two of the objects. I was able to group the objects together into smaller groups and put into groups of classification.
Visual & Auditory section tested you on your observation of certain things and how you were able to recall it. Based on the scores of my memory test I could improve in the area of public places and being aware of my surroundings.
Based on my memory scores, I learned that there is room for improvement, just when you think that you know it all, you don’t.
I learned that I am very biases when it comes to decision –making process and I don’t rely on my memory as much as I should.
My ability to be more creative in decision making process could be better enhanced by thinking things through more so that...