A Simple Guide to Harvard Referencing and Plagiarism for Students

V1. 9/2010

V1. 9/2010

About this Guide This guide will help you when you are producing work for your studies at MLS. Please read it carefully and if you have any questions ask your Academic Study Skills tutor or subject tutor. You will be expected to be able to reference properly and it is essential for your studies at MLS and at other institutions in the future such as a UK University.

Referencing Referencing (or citing) is used when you quote or refer to someone else’s work in your essay or assignment. It is used for a variety of reasons but mainly : To show your reading and research To acknowledge the work of others To illustrate or back up a point you are making There are many different referencing methods but the one used at MLS and in most UK Universities is known as Harvard Referencing. You should note that if you are studying Law or quoting a legal case, Harvard Referencing is not used. Your tutor will advise you on how to quote references for this.

What things need referencing ? You may quote or use many different things but all will need to be referenced. Examples include :

Chapter or page of a book A newspaper article A magazine (Journal) article A website page An email
V1. 9/2010

Do they all have to be referenced ? Yes. Whenever you refer to or use someone else’s work you must acknowledge it. How do I reference the work ? There are two places where work must be referenced. If you are talking about something in a paragraph and need to cite a reference you should use what is called the short format. This will appear in brackets after the text you have typed from the reference and will usually just be the name (surname) followed by a comma (,) and then the date (year). Here is an example :

Approximately twenty percent of people agree with this (Jones, 2008)

Then, at the end of your work you should include a Bibliography or References section. Here you will...