Records Administrator (Rhia) and a Records Technician (Rhit

Records Administrator (RHIA) and a Records Technician (RHIT

The duty of the record administrator is to maintain a complete and accurate patient medical record. Each time an individual visits a health care facility or provider for medical care a record is created or updated. Information regarding the patient’s medical history and symptoms of the illness are included in the medical record by the administrator. The Medical records administrator must make sure the patient’s medical chart is complete and that all forms are completed accurately. Medical records administrators have little or no contact with patients. However, the administrator communicates with the insurance companies, medical professionals, and medical technicians daily therefore it is essential to have good communication skills. Medical records administrators prepare medical reports such as payment and disease evaluations, and comprehensive care studies. Medical records administrator usually work in management roles in large offices and health care facilities, although a small medical office may not require an administrator (eHow, Inc., 1999-2010).
The medical records technician keeps an up-to-date report on treatments received by patients and   maintains complete and accurate patient medical history information, and makes certain the information is available to the medical staff. The record technician must make sure a patient's illness and treatment are complete in the records for insurance companies, also the patient may return to the medical facility for treatment. The record technician must code all information from medical records before entering it in the records system. Another duty of the records technician is Cross-indexing which is extremely important.   Cross-indexing is a technique used to store information concerning the patient according to the patients name and illness, the treatment used and by the doctor’s name. This is beneficial to the medical staff when accessing information. A...