How the Recession has affected me

      As a nineteen-year-old young lady living at home with “Mommy and Daddy” I never felt the slow of the economy coming. I always had what I needed and didn’t need at the drop of a dime. Yes, I had a job but what I couldn’t pay for completely, I always could count on Mom and Dad to help me out with.   I was a carefree happy girl with the whole world ahead of me.
      That was a year ago before I left home to pursue my life long dream of being on Broadway. On June 8th 2008 I received a phone call from the head of admissions at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, the school I had been working toward for years. I was accepted! I had gotten through the auditions and interviews and thought the hardest part was over. Then I realized there was thirty-three thousand dollars that I had to come up with. I talked to my parents and they agreed to help me with the first year of school but do to the economy’s downfall they were not sure if they would be able to continue helping me quite as much as they had been.
      September came and my first year was paid for. I quit my job due to the distance knowing that I would easily find a job in the big city, but as the months past by, application after application went unanswered. I struggled month after moth trying to find a way to pay for food to eat, some times my parents were able to help and some times they were not. The slow of the economy not only crippled me from receiving a job but had also slowed my parent’s wealth.
      Eight months have passed and I am back at home still unemployed and unable to pay for my second year of college. I even went back to my old manager who had told me “if you ever need a job, there will always be one here for you” and asked if I could possibly have my old job back and was denied because the company could not afford to hire anyone and had to lay off five other employees.   I applied for a loan and was denied twice. I also asked my mother to take...