Realism in “the Death of Ivan Ilyich

Realism in “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”

Realism is exactly as its root suggests it is. The composition of the meaning of this word is just as it denotes, real. People are more concerned with the biological, social and economic aspects of their existences, than with living life as they want to live it. They seem extremely infatuated with the more tangible aspects of life rather than the emotional gratuities that it has to offer. Though they are in complete control of their actions, they are being lead blindly by the actions of their peers, as is Ivan Ilyich. People who were overtaken by the realist logic were more consumed in making life into what they thought they wanted, without actually stopping to think about what it was they really wanted to pursue. Money, which begets social status, which begets a certain way of life whether one wanted it or not quintessentially is the primary theme of “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.”
Ivan’s life was in its purest form as a young lad. But at the same time his mind was being corrupted by the lifestyles of his father and older sibling who was a realist to the “T.” His family’s mindless pursuit of wealth and the glorifications that accompany it eventually overtook his mind as well. His constant pursuit of the higher-level positions and his idolistic perceptions of the people who held them led to his inevitable demise. His economic status, as earlier mentioned, begot his newly acquired social status after his move. Along with this social status came the initial confrontation with a woman who would become his wife. They would conceive many children of which two would survive. After constant quarrels with his wife during her pregnancies Ivan would consume himself ultimately in his work.
As he is decorating his newly acquired house, Ivan has an accident that would prove to be fatal. This incident marks a downhill slide in Ivan’s life. His body begins to limit the things that he is capable of accomplishing independently thus marking...