Guys, have you ever heard something called “Ranup”? Hmmm, it could be yes and no, since the word of “Ranup”belongs to Acehnese. However if I definitely say “Sirih”, I am pretty sure, most Indonesian people will say yes. Well yeah, and it's called “Betel” in English guys. So, let me explain you a little bit more about “Ranup”. Actually,“Ranup”is a native plant of Indonesia that grows flourishing or technically leans back on another tree. You may find it everywhere in our country (Indonesia). “Ranup” has many benefits, in which case you may need to avail yourself of Ranup.
In Aceh (maybe not in all residents), “Ranup” leaf is used by Acehnese for an important agenda which is made into the unique objects. In this case, the important agenda here is “the proposal of marriage”. It is called “Ranup”. I think it should be one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen, so I call it the masterpiece. It is not a selfish sight, yet it is a thing with the greatest value on it. Art and culture are there, they become one, really awesome.

            Usually, in Aceh when men want to propose marriage, the family of men will bring “Ranup” to the women’s family at the time of meeting happened. In that meeting, both family do the discussion about the agenda of marriage, for example the date, month, place, etc. They bring “Ranup” because the culture here is like that, but as I said before, not all people do it, just some. It’s as a symbol of honor to the women’s family, not so complicated, not really. I know about it exactly, even though I have never experienced before. It’s because in my village only some people who are able to make the betel leaf become the beautiful objects. My grandma and I can do it. Yeah, I can, but actually it’s not because I can. I learn from grandma for almost about 10 years. She is adept in making “Ranup” and still the best. I know that hers is perfect and mine is chaotic, that is why we are a good team because we can complement each other (or I...