Regina Walker
ANT 101: Cultural Ant
Instructor: James Turner
July 27, 2015

Race                         Part 1

This is my etic description of race, while I was doing my research and studying to write this paper I found myself asking a lot more questions than I had the answers to.
Once it is understood that a person's "race" is actually a culturally defined social category rather than a natural biological subdivision of the human species, it can beseen that labeled racial groups are similar to ethnic groups. Crapo, R. H. (2013). Cultural anthropology (Race and Ethnicity 3.3 para 1)
Seeing this made me realize all my life I had been looking at race all wrong. I was looking at the color of skin and not at the cultural and social ways that defined them. I as a black middle aged woman who has lived a good life for the most part look to some of my younger African American women and wonder what is going on? I feel like my generation dropped the ball on them and didn’t educate enough and instill values and morals that we were raised on. Which in turn has society looking at our youth as nothing more than thugs (men/ boys) and welfare moms / hoes (women) how did things get so bad? Where did it all fall apart? We went from a group of people who fought together for rights we didn’t have (voting, eating in certain restaurants, education etc.) to now being that group of people on the six o clock news who are constantly killing each other. We as a people have got to do better for the sake of our future generations.  


The culture that I want to take a closer look at is the Native Americans, after watching the video Indian School: Stories of Survival, I was so intrigued by the Native American people. I am sure it is because their story was so similar to the way blacks were treated with the exception of the education (of course) The Native Americans were mistreated and abused by the white man just as badly as we (African Americans) were. Yet,...