Race and Etnicity

Race in My Community

    My community is located in Central Florida.   I was born in Brazil, and when I turned 12, I moved to America.   Even though most of my life I have lived in America, I consider myself to be Latin American.   The majority of people in my community are Caucasian, but there are Latino groups,   and African American groups in my community also.   The funny thing is that I look more Caucasian then Latino.   When I talk to people in my community, no one asks where I am from, they automatically assume that I am from America because I don’t have an accent, and I don’t look Latino.   I get along with everyone in my community and no one has ever used any racist words towards me.   Sometimes when I am out, and talking to my family on the phone, people look at me a little different because I am speaking a different language.   Sometimes I wonder: “If my skin were a little bit darker and if I had an accent would people that are nice to me now act differently then?”   The only way that people can tell that I am Latino is if I am hanging out with other Latinos or if they listen to me speaking Portuguese.
    Before moving to Florida, I thought that my community would have more Latino people.   Instead the majority of people here are Caucasian.   Regardless of race or color, everyone in my community is treated fairly well and with respect.   There are, however, always the few people who try to start trouble and act racist towards other ethnic groups.   Members of my community look like me.   The majority of the community I live in dresses alike, has light skin color, and speaks mainly English.   The only difference is that I am Latino and speak Portuguese.   The community does not know these things about me unless they know me personally.   My wife has told me several times that when I go out with her, and I speak Portuguese with my family members over the phone, that other people say “I bet they don’t even speak English.”   I feel that if I don’t speak English when I...