Quantitative and Qualitative

Sarah Rosado                                                                                   November 19th, 2009
analysis                                                                                             quantitative and qualitative

An odd walkway across a unique structured design. Several buildings cover most of the campus; but it does not reach the limit. At one point of this educational center, the art windows are in view; the huge amount that fills the high school building. Stuck to the green grass are several little orange flags. They are parallel to the concrete stops. Those warn the vehicles when to stop while they park with a little help from the street signs. The street signs inform the driver that enters this campus, and warns to keep the society safe. Aligned the grass are tall, beautiful, bright trees. As the trees converse with the wind, a breeze freezes the sidewalks little by little. There by the angled roof straight ahead lays the curved wall covered with windows. The wall curves in somewhat of a squiggly shape. To the left of that grows another chunk of the building that sticks out at least three feet.
Here, looking at this school from a different area, multiple basketball hoops are stuck to the concrete court. As the sun gazes into the concrete it heats up quickly. Behind this court lays a huge patch of grass with white lined painted on. Two field goals stick to the ground at each end. A few sewers hold hundreds of feet of missing ground. Also, several windows buried into the deep walls. The electric blue wall that resembles bars, it jails the stairs which are also bared.
As a step begins to be taken deeper into the campus, a long narrow hallway appears. An outdoor hallway, though. There are three vending machines at each end and a cluster of lockers every ten feet. Every eight feet or so are two doors right next to each other. Partners that join together as they both bury into the electric blue walls. Less than halfway...