Publicly Traded Company – the Boeing Co.

The Boeing Co. is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. It has successfully branded its product and services globally and most every airline company uses their product.   It has also diversified its self by extending its manufacturing talents to the production of defense and military aircraft.   Boeing has also established a unique product line that produces satellites and missiles and works closely with major government entities such as the United States Military and   NASA.   Throughout its accomplishments Boeing has developed a superior wa of doing business through its strategic plans, and have escalated its self in the competitive market as an industry leader.

Boeing’s Mission and Vision Statement
The Boeing Company has a strong mission and vision statement that it operates on.   Their vision is simply, “People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership.”   Boeing feels that in order to realize their vision, we consider where we are today and where we would like to be tomorrow (Boeing Co., 1995-2011). Knowing where you would like to be tomorrow sets the pace for how you operate the business to get to tomorrow’s goals.   Boeing has new and innovative initiatives in place that encourages and promotes performance goals which are developed through the ideals of their vision and mission statements.   Boeing has several large-scale systems integration that continually develops and advances technical excellence, and   supports lean enterprise characterized by efficiency, supplier management, short cycle times, high quality and low transaction costs (Boeing Co., 1995-2011).   While embracing its vision, Boeing focuses on its mission: “To be the number one aerospace company in the world and among the premier industrial concerns in terms of quality, profitability and growth” (Boeing Co., 1995-2011)   The exceptional team has created a stellar performance record that highlights how they have taken the mission and vision statement and...