Public Schools Competitive Foods Discussion

Discussion question: What should be the policy of Public Schools towards competitive foods and FMNV’s?

I. Definition and Delimitation
A. Definition of Pertinent Terms
1. What is A La Carte?
2. What are Competitive Foods?
3. What are FMNV’s?
4. What is Food Service?
5. What is Fried Food?
6. What is a School Day?
7. What is a School Meal?
8. What are Snacks?
9. What is Trans Fat?
10. What qualifies as Overweight?
11. What qualifies as Obese?  
B. Limitations to the Question
1. Texas policy
2. Food at school
3. Competitive Foods and FMNV’s
C. Summary

II. Analysis
A. How did we get to the current nutrition policies we have now?
1. What is the history of school nutrition and child obesity levels?
2. What have other states done to solve the problem?
3. What has the federal government done to solve the problem?
4. How successful have we been in solving the problem?
5. What will happen in the future if we do no more than we are doing now?
B. Current facts
1. Who is harmed?
a. How seriously are they being harmed?
b. Under what conditions are they harmed?
c. Where is the harm most serious?
2. What are the causes of the problem?
3. How serious is the problem?

III. Possible Solutions
A. What can be done to reduce FMNV’s?
1. Removal of all vending machines and snack bars
2. Promote healthier choices in class rooms
3. Properly tracking sales
4. Change types of competitive foods
5. Strict dietary guidelines for competitive foods
6. Limiting sales- possibly once a week
7. Eliminate fried foods
8. Showing dietary nutrition facts of everything offered
9. Send information home to parents, let them educate
10. Permission from parents
11. Limit portion sizes
12. Health classes earlier on
13. Closed campuses during lunch
B. Summary of possible solutions

IV. Develop Criteria
A. What should a good solution do?
1. Promote healthy choices
2. Directly support efforts to lower obesity rates in children
B. Summary of criteria...