Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain.

Keeping accurate records throughout the course is essential in assessing the teacher/student relationship. Records indicate whether pupils are learning what they are being taught and their progression with the course, records can tell you which learners may need a little more help, and whether a teacher needs to refine any aspects of their teaching.

Gravells, (2008) states “you need to keep records of how your learners are progressing.”   As there are 5 major components to the teaching cycle it is important to keep records at each stage to highlight progression or weakness in order for future development to take place.

In the identifying needs section of the cycle there many important records that need to be kept, for example the class register. The register is required by law and is important as it allows the teacher to view the attendance of the class and to see if there is any correlation between the students who have poor attendance and are not working at a certain level. Furthermore it is essential to get the students to complete a health questionnaire, by doing so it allows the teacher to plan any lessons in which to accommodate the special needs of the students. At this stage the student should also complete an initial assessment form, this record will highlight any area’s that may need certain attention i.e. numeracy or literacy, also this diagnostic record can be used in the evaluation stage as a comparison to see if any development has been made.

Schemes of work and lesson plans allows for reflective practice concerning what happens during the course and during sessions and enables me to evaluate and continuously monitor where adjustments may be beneficial to subsequent teaching methods. This form of record also aids and serves as valuable information for any teacher who takes over a session if I should be unable to attend.

“A scheme of work may be...