My role of a teacher in terms of the teaching and training cycle cover a wide range. The role comprises a number of points, the first of which is to identify whether the subject to be taught would be either from a syllabus or if a more detailed   program be worked out for a more bespoke training program. Teaching from a syllabus though important to cover subjects that would be subject to examination does not always give information in the most efficient manner.   We need to work out how long it will take to deliver the course whilst making provision to keep the lesson format so that the information is given in manageable sessions. Deciding how we deliver the tuition must be taken into consideration, in particular with regard to whether practical, theoretical, or a blend of both being used to deliver the training. Relevant   material must be produced so aiding the lesson but attention given to making this easy to understand but without over simplifying it. After the lesson has been delivered, the results of the learning should be assessed, and a record of the results made. We must then consider the results against our training aim, and alter our training methods to cover any shortfall in the outcome.

All lessons will have an introduction, during which previous learning and learning outcomes will be run through and any new information introduced. New information will be taught and assessments made of the outcome of that training. At the end of the lesson, we will summarize what has been covered and a resume given of what will be covered during the next session.

There are certain boundaries within your role of a teacher or tutor the main one being the fact that we are as teachers, responsible for the student’s education, not there personal life. For the pupil to learn they may need motivation, this may be given by encouragement and praise, you must always be fair with assessments, without showing favouritism or prejudice. We must always work within the...

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