Psychological Factors Affecting Health

Morag Cameron
Y178 Understanding Health

TMA 01
Task 1
The body needs various nutrients from food to remain healthy and function properly these are divided into two different categories – Macronutrients and Micronutrients.
Macronutrients comprise of carbohydrates, proteins and fat.   Carbohydrates and fat provide energy whilst protein helps to enable growth and repair in the body.   Micronutrients are not needed in large amounts and are comprised of vitamins and minerals.   These help with different processes in the body and help to maintain health, fat also plays a part with micronutrients as it helps to store certain vitamins.
Together macro and micro nutrients play an important role in the health of an individual.  
Word count: 102
Task B
Essay Plan
Introduction - Define Psychological factors
Main body – Personal beliefs/motivation/emotions/habitual behaviour
Describe some psychological factors that are influences on the health of the individual.
There are many psychological influences on people’s wellbeing and health these include individual beliefs, emotional influences and habitual ways of thinking.   These factors all play a part in influencing peoples personal choices.   This essay aims to consider some of these influences and see what positive and negative effects they can have on an individual’s approach to their health.
Although Kirstin and Molly are similar in age and gender there personal beliefs regarding sunbathing are vastly different.   Kirstin worries greatly about the risks over exposure to the sun may have on her health and uses a high factor sun cream.   Her attitude may have been shaped by personal experiences or influenced by campaigns regarding skin damage and cancer.   She has a solid understanding of the risks and therefore takes necessary precautions; this awareness has led Kirstin to make positive choices in regard to protecting her health. Molly regularly sunbathes and uses sunbeds even though she knows the risks.   She...