Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Theories


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Psychoanalytic and Adlerian Theories

Psychoanalytic Theory
Thoughts, Questions, Issues
Psychoanalytic theory focuses on psychosexual stages early in life and mental development from those stages.   If one psychosexual stage is not met, then it is the theory that problems may develop later in life.   Personally, I think it is very important and relevant to review childhood memories and experiences so that current thought can be changed.   However, I do not think that the first six years of life are as crucial as this theory suggests.   Group members could be having issues because they came from a dysfunctional family, had a bad experience during childhood/teenage years or influential friends could have made an impact on the person’s way of thinking and/or acting.  
Most Significant Aspect
The most significant aspect of this theory is the focusing on the unconscious and early childhood.   This theory states that, “Normal personality development is based on a successful resolution of conflicts at various stages of psychosexual development.” (Corey, 2008).   It focuses on past influences being the reason for current personality functioning.   The past must be revisited and worked through in an effort to understand the affect that the unconscious has now.
Concepts Agreed With
I agree with the concept of the past being a determinant of current personality functioning.   I will use my oldest sister as an example of why I agree.   Growing up, we were not what one would consider a dysfunctional family.   My other sister and I had a “normal” childhood and a productive adulthood thus far.   My parents took us places, did things with us and gave us all the necessities and love we needed.   My oldest sister started hanging out with a less desirable crowd in her early teens.   She started drinking and experimenting with drugs.   She has been to therapy numerous times.   It seems that every time she found a new therapist, they put...