Discuss (using your own words) the four major perspectives in psychology (psychoanalytic, behaviorist, cognitive, and evolutionary). What are the major assumptions and who are the theorists associated with these perspectives? How are they different than the "schools of thought?" Using one of the perspectives, provide an example that applies to your present life - workplace or other. I'll be looking for correct terminology and correct application of your example.

Psychoanalytic is a double meaning. The theory is about Motivation, human nature and behavior. It is a method of treatment for living a difficult life. The basic psychoanalysis is
  1. An inherited personality, which a person develops early in childhood.
  2. Human attitudes. An irrational drives influenced by thoughts.
  3. A conflict between unconscious and conscious

Behavioral is control by our nervous system and endocrine system, and most complexity of an organism. The more complex a nervous system the greater chance of better responses and adjust behaviors. Behaviorism is combining elements of methodology, philosophy and theory.
Cognitive in science is a mental problem includes memory and attention, understanding languages and solving reasoning problems. Today definitely changes the way that we communicate nowadays.
Evolutionary is the way we use language and communicate in the modern perspective.   It’s like today we have change the way we communicate with each other. Communicating has already changed because of texting and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. I believe that people will continue to change the way that language is used in writing because of texting and Facebook. Personally, I love using e-mail and Facebook as a way to communicate with friends and relatives because all of my family around the world, so sending off an e-mail or writing a message on Facebook is much convenient. I think that the internet is a great way to connect with people.