Wanda Ramirez
March 1, 2010
Eleanor and Abel
Eleanor doesn’t trust him much and even less so after talking to her friend Grace. As Grace does not know him she tells Eleanor not to trust him or believe him and to be weary of him. Grace is the type of person who judges people before she knows them. So because of Grace she is snobby and unfriendly at first. This is important because it affects how Eleanor feels about him. It causes her to treat him differently at first.
Once some time goes by they start talking and getting to know each other. Eleanor starts to learn more about Abel such as he has daughter and a granddaughter. After that she talks about herself telling him that she has never been married or kissed even though she is 69yrs old. She says she has never really cared about these types of things. She also tells her parents dying when she was young. This is important to the story because them getting to know each other is what helps lead to them falling in love with each other and showing Grace and Eleanor what kind of man Abel really is.
As they get to know each other she begins to trust him and be with him more. She brings him lunch and going to see him often. She stops doing her regular activities such as going to church also. Because of a misunderstanding they have a large fight. Eleanor misunderstands what he is saying to her and leaves because she is angry. After that she calls her friend Grace to ask her to go tell Abel to stop working on the house and go back to his hometown. This is when Grace realizes he is a nice guy and tells Eleanor that she was wrong about Abel. Eleanor finally realizes Abel cares about her when he shows concern for her after she has stayed in the house in bed all day in pain. Abel goes to talk to her to explain things and she finally understands. After the talk the finally kiss and end up making love. The two have fallen in love with each other and are happy. This is important to the story because the whole book...