Provide Evidence and Understanding of the Curriculum.

Provide evidence and understanding of the curriculum.

In my school the National Curriculum subjects covered in reception are:-

Problem Solving, Reasoning and numeracy. This can cover counting up to 10, adding and taking away, describing position e.g in front, behind, under etc. (please see evidence sheet, positioning, attached where I carried out this task for my observation and finished it in class.) I have also attached a number formation evidence sheet where I worked with the class.

Communication, Language and Literacy. This covers the letters of the alphabet, the sounds and names of the letters and what begins with the letters. (I did this exercise as part of my observation.

Knowledge and Understanding of the world. This covers various topics but in the examples of lesson plans I am attaching.(28-02-11) and (07-03-11). For the spring term we planted seeds and observed growth. We looked at different parts of a flower, roots, shoots and leaves.

P.E Covers physical, fine motor and co-ordination skills.

ICT Using the computer, remote control toys e.t.c.

P.S.E.D(Personal,Social,Emotional Development)
A variety of different topics or covered in this area of the curriculum. They cover self awareness, working with others, talking about feelings and sharing.

In the class there is lesson plan:-
- One is a summary for the year
- One is a summary for the term and
- One is a summary for the week.

I normally meet the teacher and discuss what she would like me to cover. I relay information to the teacher verbally after class or write comments about the exercise carried out. Some time I have a class register on which i carry out an exercise and tick or cross if the children have managed it or not. This information is then given to the teacher to record and complete assessments for children. I am providing two examples of exercises which I did with the children. I listened to the teachers instructions carefully and if I don't understand I ask the...