Provide an Account of the Impact of Globalisation on Education

Provide an account of the impact of Globalisation on Education

    • Introduction

    • Education

    • Globalisation

    • The effect of Education on Globalisation

    • The Effect of Globalisation on Education

    • Policy and Development

    • Conclusion


  From the moment of egesting the human embryo starts to learn and develop Physically, as well as psychologically ,Learning is one of the major parts of development and can be achieved through observation, teaching self directed or thought, through others. The philosophy of education is study of our environments natural contents, human subject and authority as well as the relation ship between the education and society At least since Rousseau’s time, the philosophy of education has always been linked to theory of the development.

  In modern and enterprise society there is a moral responsibility to educate young people to become responsible, independent and to understand the   values of learning and ethical principal. State, society   local or global to take a direct responsibility for their transitional stage and development.

  Education can be formal or informal from school, parents, media or friends. The term education usually been referred to only as formal, the term can be used also about culture understanding, skills development and long life learning.

  In every society schooling can build the capacity and structural foundation for young generations in terms of ability and the future economical development the foundation can build a   child with a securer future in   terms of their employment   and ability, Some see education as a tool to bring Knowledge, ability, self realization and information which can be viewed by   optimist as   transformative   power .During the 1970’s and 1980’s the subject of education was being the key   element in trade, industry and development of   the south...