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Report Description
Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is a process that has been used by gas companies
since the 1940s. The process involves injecting sand, chemicals, and water into a well under
carefully controlled conditions to crack or fracture solid rocks and release trapped gas deposits.
The development of hydraulic fracturing technology has led to the usage of proppants.
Proppants are used during hydraulic fracturing in order to keep the fissures open for the oil and
gas to flow towards the well head. These are primarily of three types such as sand, resin-coated
and ceramic.
Although the recent plummeting of international crude oil prices has negatively impacted the
hydraulic fracturing industry, the overall outlook on the future prospects of the industry is
positive. The proppant market is expected to register significant growth in the near future due to
anticipated increase in global crude oil prices, which is likely to revamp the global shale industry.
Proppant Market: Drivers
Although the crude oil market is going through a slump, increasing energy demands all over the
world are projected to provide an impetus to the market. This, in turn, is anticipated to augur
well for the hydraulic fracturing- and proppant- market.

Report Description
After witnessing the shale boom in North America, many countries across the globe are
exploring shale prospects in respective shale plays. The proppant market is expected to register
increased revenues and volumes with shale exploration picking pace in such countries.

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