Proposed Research Topic: Business Services Offshoring: Hong Kong’S Transportation Service Providers Situations

Research Proposal

Proposed Research Topic: Business Services Offshoring: Hong Kong’s Transportation Service Providers situations

Benson P

December 06, 2010


1.Background 2
2. Introduction 3
3. Research Objectives 4
4. Research Approach 4
5. Time and Action Plan 5
6. Resources 6
7. References 6
8. Appendix 7


A number of recent technological   developments have made it increasingly possible for companies to offshore their business services abroad (Amiti, M and Wei S.J., 2006) and (Antras, P., L. Garicano, and E. Ross-Hansberg, 2004).   Some tasks such as data entry, data systems upgrades and maintenance, or customer call centers are commonly done offshore in many international Companies. Broadly, routine tasks are offshored, while more complex tasks are done domestically (Antras, P., L. Garicano, and E. Ross-Hansberg, 2004).   . However, until now, many service that were noted as non-trasnferable, have become transferable, and take place in other countries abroad (Amiti, M and Wei S.J., 2006)

Much has been written in the first decade of 21 century about offshoring. In view of the extent of offshoring has been commonplace now in Hong Kong, especially in the shipping industies. For example, Maersk Line has already moved it’s documentation and customer service tasks offshoring in China. The document proposed to concentrate on the offshoring situation and offshoring factors in the transporation service provider (TSP) in Hong Kong.

Further to this, the research work will forcus in below areas:
the extent of which characterisics of services are being offshored
the most important reasons for the offshoring services jobs
the most important factors for choosing the offshoring location
the impact of the offshoring
future plan for offshoring

2. Introduction

Offshoring describes relocation by a company of jobs and production to a foreign country. The relocated jobs and production could be at an office in other...