Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health and Safety

HSC 038
Promote good practice in handling information in heath and social care setting      

It is important to understand the requirements for handling information in the health and social care   setting. There are a number of legislation affecting recording, storage handling information such as.
Data protection Act 1998
Freedom of information Act 2000
Health and social care Act 2008
Human rights Act 1998
Equality Act 2010

There should also be a code of practice for my employer which will be based on the requirements of the law.   All these have been put in place so that the information is not just physically safe but is also protected from people who do not need to know about it, this means that the information is only shared with people who have good reason and the authority or permission to know it. The law covers not just written information but emails, computers, CDS and memory sticks as well as information that is shared verbally. Information that is stored manually would normally be kept in a locked filling cupboard or in a locked room, away from public areas of the workplace, the keys to this should be given to restricted number of staff, there should be no unsupervised access to where the records are kept and no written information should be left laying around like letters or files so that they can be read of even lost. Electronic information storage systems are different and to access this you would need a user name and password linked to just you, this should not be shared with anyone else, make sure that the work is saved and back up so that nothing gets losts, if the work is back up onto disk then these to would have to be kept locked away.

It is good practice to make sure that you log off your work even if it is for a short time, so that no body else can see the files you have been working on, to make sure no one can hear confidential information, I.e when on the phone, signing records out if   they need to be taken away and no...