Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting.

1) Identify the different reasons people communicate,your answer should include at least five reasons along with work examples.
People need to communicate whatever their ability to express their own needs. To share ideas and information with each other, to socialise and share experiences with each other, to give and receive information and instruction whichever way they feel comfortable. 1.1))or sign language this may be pointing to the clock to show the time for one of our y.p who is waiting to go somewhere and hasn’t got the ability to tell the time himself. To reassure someone else they may want to put their hand out for reassurance. If they are a little uncertain about crossing a busy road which is the case for one of our y.p he always wants to hold on to a staff members arm until he has crossed the road safely. If he walks past a dog when he is out on his daily walks he likes to hold on to the staff members arm as this helps him feel calm and safe, this is due to a past bad experience which he has had.
Another y.p always draws how he is feeling especially when he becomes anxious about something. This feels him to get his feelings and concerns across as he doesn’t verbally communicate. Staff encourage him to draw or write if he is feeling anxious because this allows staff to understand better what he wants.
Ay.p finds it very hard to talk about his feelings and thoughts. He has a pet guinea pig which he talks through so eg: he will say; Bob (the guinea pig) is feeling sad to day but really he is talking about himself. This is a positive way for the y.p to communicate as we are getting a true reflection how he is feeling.
AY.p who was living at Binley Woods didn’t speak he was a selective mute. This was very hard for staff to communicate with him and very hard to meet his needs as we didn’t understand his hand gestures. This lead to many incidents.   In his previous placement staff had used Makaton with him. Which made it for him and staff to communicate....