Obviously,nowadays we can never imagine living in a world there is no planes for traveling abroad,no televisions for watching soap operas , no cell phones for communicating with our relatives.However,are the progresses of using modern technology always good?I don't think so.The progresses in technology in essence fail to improve our lives.
One of my foundational arguments is that notwithstanding the progresses of using modern technology seem to accelerate the pace of our lives,the progresses make our lives worse de facto.The case of computers shed light on my point.Computers are perhaps the most important progress in modern history.It seems like the World Wide Web has knitted the whole world to be a seamless web of information which made people get data much more easily than our predecessors.But, at the same time,unfortunately,we have to confront much more challenges and suffer from more pressure.Ironically.the more so-called "time-saving" software we use,the more work we have each day;the greater our mobility,the more destination we set each week;the more convenient access to information ,the longer time we spend in choosing the valuable data from a large number of null information every month.The seeming high-tech processing machines work to enhance the overall standard of living and comfort level of people,fail to improve our lives.
The past decades have witnessed an explosive growth in the use of cell phones.Their existence has removed the inconvenience of finding pay phones or mailing out letters.Furthermore,SMS,greatly favoured by teenagers,have became an integral part of youth culture.In other words,cell phones take up an essential role in the process of the development of youth.However, many studies have found out that cell phones have actually increased the distance between people.This is because people spend so much time on their mobile phones that they neglect those around them.That is to say,the progress of using mobile phones is not good....