Professional Ethical Standard

Assignment:   Professional Ethical Standards
Carla H. Hill
April 24, 2011
George DeAngelis

Assignment:   Professional Ethical Standards
    This paper presents an in-depth study of the legal defender position.   This will include a job   description of the legal defender position, the daily tasks imposed upon the legal defender   position under various situations, and an accounting of the moral rules of the profession.   Moral   rules at times will often meet with ethical dilemmas; these dilemmas as experienced by the legal   defender position discussed in depth.

Legal Defender

    Many people dream about a career as a lawyer but not many realize this dream.   The reason is   that it takes many years of focused study to understand the complicated laws of the United   States and how these laws relate to the Constitution.   Most people do not have the patience or   the energy to do this.   Also one needs to acquire a skill at debating and to use this skill to make a   point to the jury.   This kind of skill cannot be taught in class and its mastery happens slowly   over time.   People have to be born with the knack for it combined with intense effort makes a good debater.

    People expect lawyers to help them make sense out of the complicated network of laws that   exist.   Lawyers like doctors are insanely passionate about their field of work.   Probably the most   passionate are criminal lawyers.   These lawyers debate issues related to serious crime.   The   United States court system criminals are assigned, free of charge, a defense attorney if they   cannot afford one.   A prosecuting attorney is also assigned.   The job of the prosecuting attorney   is to convict the criminal of the accused felonies.   Criminal lawyers are a type of trial lawyer.   Trial lawyers take cases across a wide range of areas that include corporate, family, and   financial arenas (Center for Professional Responsibility).

    This is an interesting profession.   Administering justice...