Professional Associations

The Advantage of a Professional Association
According to the Oxford Dictionary (1989), an association is the action of combining together for a common purpose.   These associations are primarily for professionals, students and professorates.   Associations are available worldwide; international and domestic associations have local chapters available for their members to participate with individuals of their communities that share the same interest.
In the Marketing field there are various associations an individual may join.   The largest Marketing association in North America is The American Marketing Association (AMA). They are a leading academic association as well as publishers of several journals, The Journal of Marketing being one of them.   The American Marketing Association has many benefits for its members many being beneficial for students interested in the marketing field.   AMA provides seminars, workshops and events on marketing hot topics.   Members are able to participate in these events at local chapters or by traveling to other sites.   The association also provides a website for its members, MarketingPower.Com, were on daily basis individuals can take advantage of articles, search job banks, join special interest groups or interact with professionals for networking purposes or to ask field related questions. The AMA is also participating with social networks like Twitter and Facebook to allow more people to become aware of them and allow easier access to their members.
As a student being able to participate in a professional association it will allow me to network with my peers, meet professionals that are available for mentoring me throughout my educational and career process.   A plus of joining an association is being able to add it to my resume, it will set me aside and allow me to stand out amongst other marketing majors because it will demonstrate that I have a firm interest and have maintained myself up to date with field related information....