Production Plan


Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing.
Eveny Salinas
May Gaffy
                        Pushpamitra Khuntia
University of Phoenix
Operations Management
Mr. David Bridgeman
March 4, 2010
Production plan for Riordan Manufacturing
      Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. The company's research and development is located at the corporate headquarters in San Jose; its production centers are in Georgia, Michigan, and China. Ricordian’s Chinese operation is a joint venture between Riordian manufacturing and a consortium of Chinese nationals. This paper illustrates the authors views on implementing changes to the production plan used at the China plant and the strategic capacity planning and lean production methods required for the new process design and supply chain process to be implemented at the China plant.  
Process improvements
      The company can implement the following procedures to improve the production process – implement ERP software that implements the JIT strategy for raw materials as well as finished goods; implement TQM strategy; open strategically located distribution centers to reduce the wait-time, benchmark all operations against competitors; implement best practices throughout the company; and base payments and incentives on milestones achieved. These steps will help the company to reduce costs by 10 percent and also improve the percentage for on-time deliveries from 93 to 99 percent.

Supply Chain

      Supply chain management refers to the supply of raw materials, manufacturing the products, and distributing the products through the distribution network. Some of the major supplies involved in manufacturing electric fans at the Chine plant are – electric motors and plastic polymers purchased from local Chinese companies. Forecasting the demand for...