Procedure for Cvo

CV-0 Replacement

    1. Ensure enough chillers are available to supply cooling while absorber is secured.   2. Ensure electrical precautions are being met when securing or reestablishing power.   3. Ensure enough personnel on hand to handle emergency operations while turbine is secured. | This will ensure that you do not do a UCS discharge when securing the Absorber. |

Initial Conditions:
    1.   Have CV-0 actuator and control valve on hand and tested.   2. CV-0 control valve must contain the transmitter module, and limit switch module.   3. Tools needed are as follows: small and medium crescent wrenches, various size screw drivers, various sizes of allen wrenches, pipe tape, and multimeter.   4. Have CV-0 tech manual available for reference. | Rebuilt by Flomax. Control valve should be a full set up with gauges attached.Has procedures for all calibrations. |

Procedures (Maintenance)
    1. Shut down absorber per absorber shut down procedure.   2. Shut down turbine per shutdown procedure.   3. Secure air to CV-0 control valve and vent off air by removing supply air fitting.     4. Secure power to limit switch module in Rockwell cabinet 8 and 9.   5. Verified power is secure by test voltage.   6. Remove CV-0 control valve.   7. Remove CV-0 actuator.   8. Install new CV-0 actuator.   9. Install new CV-0 control valve.   10. Calibrate and test new CV-0 actuator and controller as follows:   A. First you will adjust the Transmitter module to set the 4 to 20 milliamp signals.   B. At the zero degree point adjust your “zero” pot for the 4 milliamp output. This is verified at Rockwell.   C. Rotate the positioner to the 90 degree point by applying 15 psi signal pressure.   D. Adjust your span pot to the 20 milliamp signal. This is verified at Rockwell.   E. Then you will adjust the I/P Module. This will set you pressure for you 4 to 20 milliamp signal.   F. Adjust your 4 milliamp signal for 3 PSI on the Zero Pot.   G. Apply 20 milliamp signals for...