Problem Solving Simulation

Brittanee Bernal
Problem Solving Simulation
BEH 225

      * How did you interpret the problem?
I interpreted the problem to be simple but not a problem that can be solved without a little more thought process. I understood what the problem was asking me to do. It wants me to transport all of the animals across the river with having the animals be alone with their natural enemies. The concept was very simple but the problem was actually more complicated.

      * What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress?
I used the strategy of trial and error. I continued to try and take all the animals over to the other side of the river one by one. Usually it would respond with an action if I used the wrong pattern. For example I tried to take the cat over first and then the dog. This did not work because the dog ate the cat. Then I knew what would happen if I tried to take over any animal one at a time and leave it there. So from my first experience, I rationalized why I could not get the animals over there one at a time.

      * Did you encounter any obstacles while solving the problem?
  *       I encountered a few minor obstacles when I tied to solve this problem. I have worked on a similar problem before that was much more complicated. I was unable to solve the more difficult problem. Some of the problems I had to face while completing this problem was the fact I could not leave any of the animals alone with each other. The dog would eat the cat, the cat would eat the mouse. Another problem with this activity was that the raft could only carry himself and one other pet at a time.
      * Were you aware of this thought process as you worked through the problem?
I was aware that the thought process behind this activity would be more than you would expect at first. I was also aware that I would have to rationalize my actions and use the process of elimination. As I continued with this problem I realized each step that needed to be...