Problem Formulation

Problem Formulation and Identification

This paper is based on four different thinking styles. The thinking styles which will be discussed are objective, intuitive, collaborative and autocratic how each are and have a positive and negative effect on the company and certain problems that occur within companies.

Problem Formulation and Identification

In most businesses the company has a personality that comes from the organization’s past and present   internal structure. The internal structure consists of core values, problem solving and policies. Each person who has worked for the business together   make the character of the business and may have affected decision making making and policies. Each employees’ personality for better or for worse has complemented the business in some way . These characteristics are what a business bases their overall organizational structure on. Within every business, there are many different personalities and different races and cultures. Many businesses look for potential employees who have certain thinking styles that will fit their organization and allow the person to perform to the best of their ability. This doesn’t mean all employees will think and act the same. It means there will be employees with like thinking and decision making styles      

Objective Thinking
The objective thinker is very focused in what they believe in and what they are trying to achieve. The objective thinker tends to be confident and positive and does not like to fail. When a business has a problem frustration and confusion can impact productivity in a negative way, but an objective thinker is usually calm, in control of their emotions and has the ability to make a positive impact on the situation. The ability to examine and facts and act quickly is another plus of an objective thinker. Objective thinkers may appear to be over confident and stubborn and may cause conflicts in a business environment but are usually team...