Privacy Laws and Debate

Privacy Laws and Policies Debate
Ashley wells
February 16, 2010
Michelle Tuck

Privacy Laws and Policies Debate
      The communication privacy laws and policies in the workplace can be ethical or non ethical depending on whom we ask. After viewing both sides of this argument, I believe that these privacy laws and policies for the workplace is ethical and moral. The reason I believe this is because these laws and policies not only protect the employer but also the employees. The law protects the employees by not allowing the company they work for give out personal information on the employee to anyone without consent or to the employee themselves. These laws also protect the company by not allowing the employee to give insight information about the company to anyone outside the company they work for.
      Some of the laws and policies that I reviewed would be the electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA). This law basically protects the employees as well as the employers. This privacy act of 1986, states that the Congress extended laws regarding to wiretapping to electronic communications such as emails and Internet usage. This law allows a certain amount of rights to the employers, yet allowing the employees some rights as well. This law allows a company to monitor each employee’s e-mails and computer usage, only if the company has reason or cause or feel as if the employees are abusing or misusing the company’s computer or e-mail accounts. The policy laws that most companies have in the workplace containing to communications would be not using any systems that could be harmful to the companies computers that could result in virus and do not use e-mails or any other massaging to harass or immediate other employees from the company’s computer.
      I believe that these laws and policies are ethical because they protect the company from employees who abuse the company’s e-mail address by sending e-mails or messages that are either harass other...