Prenatal and Postpartum Memo

Prenatal and Postpartum Memo
Seane Banks
December 21, 2010
Dr Douglas Butler

Prenatal and Postpartum Memo
To: Whom It May Concern

From: Dr. Seane Banks


As women it is very hard carrying and having babies.   Sometime women seek assistant form their friends, family sometimes even professionals.   Here we have two women at different times in there pregnancy that is seeking advice.   After review of their information there are some areas that were reviewed that are important to both.   These areas will require some 2 daily activies that will positively affect the infant’s future development. They can also contribute to the prenatal, postpartum and future development of their children.

Six Months

      As a baby is in the womb there are several activities that can assist with a healthy safe and smooth delivery and beginning of life.   Making sure that you attend all of you prenatal visits with your OB doctor.   This can assure that the baby is gaining weight and growing properly and there are no birth defect or disorders that are developing during your pregnancy.   Also reading and talking to the baby is very healthy while the baby is in the womb.   This is helping with their future development after birth.


      After the baby is born it is very crucial that mom and dad are involved with the care for the baby.   When the baby comes home it becomes very overwhelming with the feedings, changing, and bathing of the baby because in the hospital part or most of the time the baby is in the nursery being attended to by the nurses so it gives a break for the mom. When both parents are involved this keeps both mom and dad from having postpartum depression.


      In conclusion it is very important that as you prepare for your new baby and after their arrival that you do some daily activities. Attending doctors visits and reading and talking to the baby is two ways that you can have a positive effect on the...