Theism in a Postmodern World

“Whither is God,” he [the madman] cried.   “I shall tell you.   We have killed him – you and I.   All of us are his murderers.   But how have we done this?...God is dead.   God remains dead.   And we have killed him.”

In today’s postmodern world, people are so consumed with themselves and their ideas of truth, that they have forgotten God and thus, to them, He is dead.   People today see no reason or logic to bring God into the picture, into their lives.   The pervasive worldview today is that we decide who we will become; therefore it is not necessary to have a God who would be in control of our lives.   It is difficult for a Christian to live out his theistic worldview in today’s postmodern world, but it can be done.   The Lord knew of all the worldviews that would come into existence and yet He still gave the command to go out and reach all nations. (Bible, Matthew 28:18-20).   God is not dead; He is simply being ignored and rejected by the world today and it is up toe the Christian theist to put on the armor of God, to stand firm in Him, and to go forth boldly into the postmodern world to proclaim the good news.

Christian Theism may be loosely compared to postmodernism in that both have established their worldview.   Each has a set of ideas to which the follower adheres to, in order to live his fulfilled life.   However, these set of guidelines, if you will, are vastly different and lead to different ends.   Christian Theism principles are based upon the existence of God wile the postmodernism principles are based upon the individual’s reasoning.   James W. Sire even goes as far as to say that, “…Theism is a complete worldview because it has a basis for metaphysics, ethics, and epistemology” while “…postmodernism is more than, and less than a worldview” (Sire, 2004).   What is Christian Theism and what is postmodernism?   How can one decide which view is for him?   People are thinking and searching, therefore it is imperative to understand...

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