Positive Behaviour

In my work place any behaviour or discipline that could be referred may include constant fighting, inappropriate use of language or constant disruption in the classroom or displays of violence. For example in my school settings I have a couple of children who are on a “plan.” The plan was set up by their class teacher and the key stage 1 Phase Leader and when completed was explained in a email to all relevant staff including the Head Teacher. The staff had decided to take this step because of the 2 children’s past behaviour which included walking out of the classroom, bad language and wrongful attitudes to peers and adult’s which in result was very disrupting to their classmates and working environment. The plan consisted of each child having a key member of staff who could intervene if they believed one of the children weren’t coping or had been involved a situation. If that member of staff was not able to get through then the Phase Leader would need to intervene. They would have a chance to talk over what had happened the child would then get to calm down while coming to terms with the decided consequence of their actions. This simple plan along with signs to look out for any disruption has greatly improved their behaviour and day to day school life has become easier for them when in the classrooms.
Another example may be senior management having to have talks with children who are harming others through constant bullying or taunting. If these talks fail to make an impact senior management may then decide to inform parents of their child’s behaviour through ringing them or arranging a meeting.
A final example that I have personally been involved in is school exclusion. Instead of excluding or expelling a child another resort is to send the disruptive pupil to another school with a member of staff. Whereas before arrangements would have to be made delaying the consequence to the next day, the local school have now all agreed that the consequence can be dealt...